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FacilityWeb universal dimming actuator 4 x 2,5 A

The new Lingg & Janke KNX 4-gang universal dimmer can be used for all common dimmable light sources, including energy saving and LED retrofi t lamps. It off ers the operating modes universal, leading-edge and trailing-edge control. Each channel can be connected to a maximum load of 570 W/VA. For greater lamp loads, two dimming channels can be operated in parallel so that a dimming output of 2x 1140 W/VA can be achieved.

All four channels are 100 percent short-circuit proof. In addition, each channel has its own integrated energy consumption meter that can read out active energy, active power, voltage (Vrmf) and current (Irmf) values. The data format is the same as for the Lingg & Janke energy meters. The dimmer provides full FacilityWeb capability and has its own homepage.

  • 100% short-circuit proof
  • for all dimmable light sources
  • can be used for dimmable LED retrofit lamps
  • can be used for dimmable energy saving lamps
  • each channel has its own integrated energy consumption meter
  • can read out active energy, active power, voltage (Vrmf) and current (Irmf) values for each channel
  • 32 scenes each channel
  • Complete FacilityWeb functionality

Shutter/blind actuator

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The Lingg & Janke EIB Solo 4-fold shutter/blind-control actuator can control 4 independent shutter/blind motors.

  • the load for each channel is 6A at 250V AC
  • each channel can be assigned its own mains phase
  • each channel is connected to a screwless twin terminal, which allows the phase to be looped through incompliance with existing regulations
  • each channel can also be operated manually without bus voltage

Shutter/Blind-Control Actuator comfort J4F6H-2 / J6F6H-2 (6TE)

  • for each channel there are additionally to up/down, stop, lamella and position, two more, freely definable, positions available. They can be called up via 1bit order.

Shutter/Blind-Control Actuator J4F6H / J6F6H (6TE)

  • for the 6 (4) motor contacts, up to 32 different group addresses may be assigned