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本设备作为网关,连接DMX512 调光器和KNX/EIB ,实现DMX512与KNX系统的无缝对接
场景一共有4096 个数值可以设定,这些数值被任意指定到64 个场景的512 条调光回路上。
设备本身具有1 个DMX512 接口,1 个KNX/EIB 接口。
网关为标准DIN 导轨安装,宽度144mm。
网关需要接入KNX 数据总线、DMX 总线、220VAC 的VN 电源线。必须确保正确的接线



DMXKNX gateway

DMXKNX gateway


KNX/EIB 与DMX512的转换接口

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KNX gateway DMX-IP

Intelligent system device, RMD type, for coupling of DMX512 systems to the KNX/EIB. To this effect, the KNX gateway DMX-IP is connected with the KNX and the DMX512 bus. The gateway needs 24 V AC/DC supply voltage.

The following functions are supported:
• DMX master:
  routing of telegrams from KNX to DMX
• DMX slave:
  routing of telegrams from DMX to KNX
• Control of RGB or RGBW luminaires via special
  logic modules
• Master dimming object for RGB and RGBW group
• Dimming out of the KNX via 1byte or 4bit
• Assignment of several group addresses per DMX
• Max. 2000 group addresses / max. 1024 objects
• Programming either via RS 232 or Ethernet
• The gateway is downwards compatible to older
  product versions
• Firmware updates possible
• Reconstructable

By means of the tool software DMX-Gate2 the gateway is configured and the connection between the DMX512 devices and the KNX group addresses is made. DMX-Gate2 offers separate configuration of KNX objects and logic modules to configure RGB or RGBW luminaires as group. In this case, the required communication objects for the DMX channels are created automatically. Via a master dimming object (1byte) all assigned RGB channels can be dimmed by percentage comfortably with only one KNX group address. Absolute (1byte) or relative (4 bit) KNX-dimming can be configured.

It is not possible to send illegitimate telegram contents.
Programming is effected either via RS232 or Ethernet interface.

The DMX-Gate2 supports reading of already configured gateways (reconstruction) and programming of the physical address of the KNX project.

DMX multi master operation requires a DMX Merger. Depending on the data direction desired, the KNX gateway can be programmed either as DMX master or as DMX slave. For bi-directional data transfer two gateways are needed.